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Brain Cancer
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Child Abuse
Childhood Stroke
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Chronic Illness (General)

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All designs on this website are protected by the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). Any unauthorized use of our designs will be subject to a $500,000 fine as provided for under the Digital Millennium Act. Do you Fight Like A Girl for yourself or someone you love? Introducing the Fight Like A Girl Club ! Tell your story, read stories, give and receive support, Claim your Power! Awareness Gift Boutique's exclusive line of cancer and disease awareness and support shirts & gifts feature eye-catching awareness ribbons, powerful slogans, and inspiring themes, from bold to soothing to hip to humorous to inspirational, to fit any personality wanting to be heard in the fight for their cause. Our attention-grabbing designs are available for over 80 causes including breast cancer, ovarian cancer, Parkinson's disease, lupus, childhood cancer, ALS, multiple sclerosis (MS), lymphoma, skin cancer, leukemia, autism, and cystic fibrosis. Awareness is the key to finding cures for all cancers and diseases. Awareness Gift Boutique is our way of doing our part to help spread that awareness. NEED A LARGE QUANTITY OF T-SHIRTS, OR OTHER PRODUCTS, FOR A GROUP OR A FUNDRAISER? Awareness Gift Boutique offers volume discounts on quantities as low as '11'. CLICK HERE for details or contact us by clicking the "SEND MESSAGE" link in the left sidebar. SOME OF THE GRAPHICS USED IN OUR DESIGNS ARE COPYRIGHTED BY JDS GRAPHICS, TRINA CLARK, DIGIWEBSTUDIO, JRETT GRAPHICS, AND JESSICA WEIBLE, EACH OF WHOM WE HOLD A COMMERCIAL LICENSE FOR THEIR USE. As cancer survivors, survivor spouses, and avid awareness supporters, we are pleased to give back to help those in need .