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Quirky, Colourful & Imaginative Art
Ballarat, Victoria, Australien
Über mich/uns
I'm an Australian artist and I paint, I take photos, I create digital art and I write poems. As long as I'm creating, I'm happy. I am consumed by art. Lately I've been doing more digital art because I'm really enjoying that. When painting I mostly use vibrant colours to create contemporary, often quirky paintings of various themes that catch the eye and stimulate the imagination. I use acrylic paint on canvas and my work is mostly fun and light hearted. My vibrant paintings would be great as a focal point in any house. I have had several exhibitions and I get such joy from seeing the reaction of people when they are taken by my work. Although I love to paint quirky abstract buildings, I am always looking for new subjects to paint as I love variety. Here is my artist's statement in the form of a poem. Hope you like it! I once wrote a poem About the power of the mind Now I have to put mine to the test Let’s see what I can find It all started with Barrington Barber From his books I tried to draw Then I received some paints and an easel And I tried to paint what I saw I paint for my enjoyment It puts me in a better place And I paint for other people So I can put a smile on their face I love the use of vibrant colours Though I never stick to the rules I have no formal training The internet and books are my school I try to present an alternative view To the sometimes stark world around me And use my over active imagination To put on canvas what my mind can see Buildings are quite often a regular theme Street signs and traffic lights also play a part Sometimes they are bent and twisted But that’s what sets them apart In my art you will often notice A reference to the tedium of nine to five I’ve lived that life for so many years And now I want to feel more alive The critics will have a field day When they don’t see what they want to see But I hope they will forgive me Because I’m just being me http://fineartamerica.com/artists/yolanda+caporn http://www
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Yolanda Caporn