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Kathryn King
We are called to be bold.
United States
Über mich/uns
Like all stories worth hearing, this one starts with the common, "Once Upon a Time..." Several years ago I was on a journey to be the next great Teenage Blogger. I had a travel blog and if I'm honest it was doing pretty well. So, I started a Zazzle store to sell some merch from my Travel Website. If only I had known that out of my years as a semi-successful travel blogger the only thing that would come out of it was this little Website called Zazzle. I continued to write for the travel blog, but there is only so much you can do with a blog no one reads regularly. So I stopped writing entirely, I took a "break." But we all know breaks are short for- it's never going to work. But, one night I received an email from Zazzle, titled, "Your Recent earnings." I opened it and saw I had sold a Hat for that blog I attempted to start. I took that as a sign to start writing for the website again- not to work on zazzle- but don't worry, eventually I figure it out. So, I write for months longer and still- nothing to show for it, but, 600 measly views a week (which- to clarify is not that many). So once again I took a "break" from the website and finally took the time to look into zazzle. I created a product here and there, but we all know to make it on Zazzle you need commitment, and a heck of a lot of products. So I started rapidly creating, not very good products, but I didn't know what "good" was. And slowly I learned the tricks with business cards and figured out how to set royalties on things people would pay for. And, 4 months later I made my second sale, shut down my travel website (can I get a finally) and began making money rather regularly. Now, I still haven't achieved that super mega magic Zazzle seller status some have, or even make money everyday, heck I don't even have $100 in my account right now. But I'm working towards it, and like Colossians 3:23 says, "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters..."
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Kathryn King
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