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TurboTwoLegs and Tilly
Hi! We’re Turbo and Tilly, two special needs kitties!
Austin, TX, USA
Über mich/uns
Turbo and Tilly are two mobility challenged special needs kitties located in Austin, TX. Their servant, Chelsey, rescued both of them from dire situations. She rescued Turbo two years ago after he was slammed in a car door and left at the animal hospital to be put to sleep. This awakened a fire inside of her, and she knew raising a special needs cat was her life mission. Raising Turbo was no easy task! But with the help of others, she is now a pro at changing diapers and keeping Turbo happy and healthy. Last summer, right before Chelsey and Turbo picked up to move across the country from Philadelphia to Austin, they were contacted by the amazing Hannah Shaw (aka Kitten Lady) to possibly rescue a little paralyzed orange kitten. Without hesitation, of course we said yes. And so then there were 3 of us! Turbo, Tilly, and Chelsey all packed up and moved to Austin, TX and are now living happy lives together ❤️
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