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Shibori Textile Art Found Here at Tribe and Sea
Customizable and Modern Japanese Inspired Blue Shibori Home Designs
Roanoke, Virginia, USA
Über mich/uns
Stack your life with key textile pieces and technology accessories. Look around, and discover my home decor designs inspired by a traditional Japanese tie-dying technique. These sets of patterns are called Shibori (she-boh-ree) exist in the culture of the world. This form of textile arts goes with many other patterns from minimalist, color blocking, rustic, eclectic, and contemporary design elements. These accents are abstract geometric in nature, and most often an indigo or blue tint on fleek. Get yours today! Why the name tribe and sea? I was inspired by the ancient stories of the 'Sea People'. A mysterious group of seafaring people that had no discernible nationality, yet worn the items of all their travels. As well as stories of the silk road, the old Norse Varangians, and Lydia 'the seller of purple'. Piece that last and tell a story forever. A little about me: Since May of 2010 I have run my nail art shop, Saburkitty Designs on Etsy. Since 2001, I’ve been working with digital art, photography, and multimedia art. Need to ask Zazzle a question? Zazzle/Customer service: 1 (888) 892-9953 Or see this page: https://www.zazzle.com/about/ask
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Sea and Be Seen : Modern Tribal and Trendy Design
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Inspired Art of Asia
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Shibori Word Script
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