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Founded in 2009 by Justin Mackie, Treeship Records is a new kind of record label. We are nonprofit. Every CD and digital download benefits charity. We are joining forces with GimmeSound to deliver digital downloads of our artists music FREE. GimmeSound pays Treeship Records for each free download. The proceeds from each download are used by Treeship Records to support charity. It is our mission to make a positive difference in the world through both music and contributions to charitable organizations worldwide. Treeship Records is the embodiment of a dream that music can truly change the world. Do you remember the way you felt the first time you heard a song that filled your heart with inspiration? We want to deliver music that inspires you. It is our goal to provide music that changes your world, inspires you to be creative, and inspires you to dream. Do you remember the way you felt the first time you donated to local food bank, volunteered, or even gave a handful of change to a homeless man on the street? Imagine a world where you can have that same impact simply by buying the music that you love! We are a nonprofit record label. All proceeds from CD sales and digital downloads will benefit charitable causes around the world. We believe that music can change the world. Treeship Records is a revolutionary kind of record label. No boss. No CEO. No rules except those which we make for ourselves. Treeship Records is a democracy built by artists and fans. We consider each of our artists to be on the "board of directors" and each of our fans to be "shareholders" of Treeship Records. We promise two things. One, we will provide great music from both established and new artists. Two, proceeds from CD sales and digital downloads will benefit charity. Everything else, we'll make up as we go along! No boss, no CEO, just the artists and the fans working together to change the world.
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