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The Pink Schoolhouse
We make the school day more chic!
United States
Über mich/uns
The Pink Schoolhouse was created in 2009 by a teacher who saw the need for more trendy supplies and gifts for educators. It all started with zebra prints, and as fashion trends evolved, so did the designs we offer. In addition to animal prints, The Pink Schoolhouse now has classic, preppy, rustic, and bohemian inspired designs just to name a few. Our selection is so diverse because we realize that just like any other woman, each teacher has her own individual style and our job at The Pink Schoolhouse is to enable her to bring that individuality into the classroom. Anything can be personalized with your name at no extra charge! Orders are fulfilled by Zazzle, and the artwork is still created by a teacher whose life long dream of becoming a full time artist is now a reality!
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