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The Draw
Colored pencil drawings to brighten your day!
Über mich/uns
Welcome to The Draw on Zazzle.com! Often quite colorful, my work varies from the abstract and pattern-like to the stylized and thematic, and is all done in colored pencil. Occasionally with lines, verses, or other text added, virtually all of my items are customizable, and I do make some into templates for even easier personalization as well. (Just search for "template" or "templates" to round up all such products in my store.) If you are interested in colored pencil art or even simply a unique take on "typical", "professional" printed products then, The Draw is here for you! Feel free to contact me for any reason, particularly if you would like me to place one of my designs on a product type that it is currently absent from, or, if you have questions about using Zazzle's Customize It! design interface. Please do understand though that I am only the Designer--not a Maker, nor Zazzle proper--so questions or comments on anything besides the designs themselves are largely beyond anything I can answer or have any influence on, though I am always happy to try and help. Lastly, bear in mind that all designs are copyright © 2015 - 2017 Darren Olsen, even if you customize them on given items. Please do not copy and sell them on any product offerings of your own (or share them without crediting me or The Draw) although if you like them and want to refer someone to my store, that is great! Incidentally, yes, my name is Darren, and just for some quick background, I started The Draw when I was between school and a career in order to be doing something productive. I do hope for it to become a source of side income over time, although if it never does, that is fine too. I hope you will find things that interest you, and perhaps even things to brighten your day a bit. I regularly add new products--often featuring new designs--so be sure to subscribe or else check back often! Thank you for visiting, and have a nice day!
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