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Cannonball Productions presents SISTER CITIES. Four sisters, as different as the cities they were named after, return home to mourn their mother’s alleged suicide and discover a secret that could tear them apart. From the Emmy-nominated filmmakers who brought you RETURN TO ZERO, SISTER CITIES tells the story of four estranged sisters who reunite after their mother's alleged suicide. Mary Baxter led an enviable life, traveling the world as a dancer and never looking back. Four husbands gave her four daughters, who are as different as the cities they were named for. After Mary’s death, her daughters return to their New England family home to reunite and mourn. As the local police investigate whether their mother’s death was in fact a suicide, old animosities resurface, and a dark secret threatens to tear the family apart. Faced with a horrifying truth, the sisters must choose to either turn their back on the only family they have known, or risk everything to protect one another.
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