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Artist Programmer Type Bloke.
Sutton Coldfield, Großbritannien
Über mich/uns
Hi folks, I'm an artist and programmer in the UK (in Sutton Coldfield). A lot of my stuff ends-up with a quintessential British feel. I like the idea of doing Zazzle thingy-me-bobs because it enables one of my fetishes which is: things having more than one purpose... for example: my Shipping Forecast Mug on this store is not just an interesting looking mug but it shows the names and locations of the various regions of the sea around the UK so when you listen to the shipping forecast on Radio 4 with your mug of cocoa you can follow them round. I also program games (amongst other things) like TraptionBakery for the iPad/iPhone which is the quirkiest most enigmatic game you will ever see... or "Who's Making the Tea?" a free app on my web site -- both games very British-y.
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Jon Prestidge (ProperBostin)