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They may break my hip but never my spirit!
Yorktown, Indiana, USA
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After several years of pain in my left hip, I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. I was also told I would need to undergo a peri-acetabular osteotomy (PAO) to correct the dysplasia and to preserve my hip. This diagnosis came after I had already undergone a hip arthroscopy to repair several labral tears. The arthroscopy did not eliminate my hip pain; rather, it actually made it more pronounced. As I researched the PAO procedure, I was happy to find a few support groups on social media and several blog posts from fellow hipsters who had completed this journey. For those who have undergone a PAO (or two), you know all too well how much strength, patience and courage it takes to undergo the procedure and to make your way through the long recovery. I have learned that every patient has a different experience, and the spectrum of pain levels and recovery times is vast. One thing we do have in common is the need to share our experience and to support each other. I have created this collection of bold and chic custom clothing to express our journey and to encourage our fellow hipsters to persevere and overcome. We all strive to recover quickly, so we can live long, healthy and active lives. Whether you are just starting your PAO journey or you are a seasoned veteran, I hope this collection will provide strength, encouragement and smiles to each of you!
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