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Pocket Yogini
Soulful + Heart + Centered + T-shirts + More
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Here you'll find original hand drawn intentional designs that began as a personal practice shared on social media and now available for you to take home. The cycle of inspiration not only continues in your life but in the life of those in need as part proceeds from the sale of all items goes to charity. Pick one that speaks to you, then customise it to make it your own or for someone special. I have uploaded a white and black image for you to use. Decide on your style and colour or choose your price. You can even alter the placement and size of the image. Enjoy! If you want some help or have a made to order request, don't hesitate to contact me via the "ask the designer" button under Pocket Yogini for each product. Thanks for your support, Tash x
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Mandala T-shirts
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