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Pet Memorials and cards for those who have lost their beloved pets.
Über mich/uns
I have added some photos of our pets that are no longer with us and now at the rainbow bridge in the media section of this shop. I was inspired to create this shop because I know personally how devastating and painful it is to loose your pet. Our pets are part of our family and we love them deeply. A thoughtful card is so wonderful to give someone who is suffering grief over loosing their sweet pet. There are different types of memorials too, posters, acrylic memorials, ornaments, many ways to honor a pet that is gone. I really hope my designs bring some comfort to someone in their time of need. My cats that are catching halos was a fun scene to make. I imagined the cats being playful there at the rainbow and the halo coming down to rest above its head looks like a great kitty toy to the cat. I tried to make each cat look happy as they wait there to someday be reunited with their family.
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