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asian styles which I combine gently with products for modern living
Berlin, Berlin
Über mich/uns
I am a passionate Artist and Creative Designer. Passionate about developing art in oil-based medium in a cozy studio in my hometown of Berlin. I am an artist that draws on many eclectic styles and formats. I have a love for soft floral designs with a touch of minimalism. My bestseller among the floral designs are the cherry blossoms. The other flower designs are created in my unique transparent style. On the right side of the store under the title "media", I have added some details of the crafting process. Each design has its own unique story influenced by Asian culture and art. This inspiration can be seen in my approach to merge ancient Asian designs and symbols with modern boho living culture. Please feel free to contact me for inqieries.
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Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossoms Landscape
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Modern Abstract Art
Floral Mandala
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Nina Baydur
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