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LittleCsDesigns creates thousands of images for 100's of products.
Carriere, Mississippi, USA
Über mich/uns
LittleCsDesigns creates images for print on demand products for any occasion, event, or for just a gift. Hello! Thanks for visiting. The name LittleCs has been around for years. My journey in the creation of LittleCs started out as a boutique on Facebook. It started with the making of hair bows & clippies. I then moved up to selling bottle cap keychains, bottle cap bows, and even bottle cap pet charms. Business was slow, but I made money. I even had my products in a near by store that was sold on commission. Then later on, I became a notary for the state of Mississippi. I then took a break off for awhile. I decided to help my parents logging business, by finding them jobs to take on. In my spare time I enjoy writing poetry. So, I have recently started up my creativity once again. Formally called LittleCsKeychains, is now called LittleCsDesigns. I transitioned over to a new name because I now have 100's of products to choose from, instead of just keychains. Now I am able to offer my designs & poetry on so many products. LittleCsDesigns creates print on demand products for any occasion, event, or for just a gift. My products can be customized too. Many cool colors to choose from and plenty of categories to browse. Something for everyone! 100's of styles in a huge directory of categories. Creating images for sell on various products. Believe me, creating artwork to be uploaded is very much stress relieving. I started to shoot images of scenery and animals when I was 12. I owned a 35mm disc camera. Yeah, that was a long time ago. I still am passionate about my images. I find it really fun and interesting to see my work on items like keychains, wall art, home decorations, pet products, wedding supplies, craft supplies, and etc. My niches will grow over time, and I am in this for the long run. As my experience grows so will my sales & niches. I believe that images show what words cannot express. Art can be a silent voice. Thanks for visiting LittleCs! Mrs. Sevin
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