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Sharing Good Things, Because of Someone I Love!
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Many of the KBE FARMS LTD items help to support diabetic awareness and also helps a personal struggle to fight this illness. I'm Karen Nesbitt, a designer photographer and graphic artist for KBE FARMS LTD and I am a diabetic. I started my Zazzle store originally because I wanted to garner some products to sell to help my case. It was not a cause originally! In 2017, I was diagnosed as diabetic because I was fighting osteomylitis which is a severe bone eating infection that was in my toe. The infection set me up to be diabetic. The photos and graphics I do, many are from my journey in my life but I have a photo series called Journey for a Cure, while others are of garden which I call my series In The Garden and I also do animals, prairie and woodland and ranch or farm scenes which come from either at my home or in my travels. I am an avid gardener, rancher, a farmers wife and I love flowers and animals! So most of my design subjects are pretty much of that! I have also learned to play around with graphics in my experiences with Zazzle and found a new creative side in me that did not exist before! You are invited to visit my Go Fund Me page that tells my Journey for a Cure diabetes story at: https://www.gofundme.com/helpkarenbeatdiabetes And visit KBE FARMS LTD - KBE ENTERPRISES at Flickr, Pinterest, and G+ Lots of photos and art there! I am continuously up dating my products and designs! So sometimes you may have to pardon my dust! I currently have 2 stores on Zazzle, one is KBE FARMS LTD and the second is KBE FARMS LTD1. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy bringing them to you! My saga here is all because of someone I love! Any questions be sure to hit the CONTACT ME buttons at any of my websites!
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