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Home Planet Security
Gear & Gifts for an Activist Mind
Portland, Oregon, USA
Über mich/uns
I am motivated by my creative urges to shake up that which has gotten stale in our minds and hearts - sift it through the filter of truth and justice and humor so that we may rediscover our humanity. Why, as an artist, do I love Zazzle.com and print-on-demand technology --- No waste, no overhead, the profits are distributed fairly and the artist can actually make a buck. I don’t spend hundreds to thousands of dollars having a single design I love and hope others will equally love, printed on products that will end up sitting in storage when I can’t “off-load” it all, mocking me and breaking my sensitive artist’s heart. With print-on-demand technology people find and order what they are interested in, those items are produced just for them, shipped where they wish, with money-back, satisfaction guarantees, the artist and manufacturers make their money, and there is no wasted money, time or materials. I really do love this concept and business model. As a customer you can also feel good about zazzle.com purchases for all the same reasons -- you are paying fair prices while contributing to a business model that produces less waste, uses less resources and allows your creative friends, the voice of humanity's collective unspoken, to be in a position to share their creativity with us all. Print-on-demand has done more to put real 'freedom' in freedom-of-expression for the average artists than any other forum I can think of.
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Coolfract`s by Legurk & DiDaBu hat vor 02.01.2011 einen Kommentar bezüglich "HomePlanetSecurity" hinterlassen
"you in my fanclub :-)"
thanks for joining my fanclub, i`m happy and a fan too. great store. wish a happy successful year 2011 from germany Legurk ;-)
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