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Helper Happy
Based on Palm Tale Picture Books
Zurich, Zurich, Schweiz
Über mich/uns
An unforgettable clever circus dog from the childhood, a daughter full of imagination and a dear heart for animals, that requires fantasy stories before going to sleep and a family that wants to make a difference: that is the root and fire that started writing and drawing Helper Happy Books. ​ Evening after evening we had to repeatedly tell our daughter the invented stories over and over again. So one day, we decided to record those on the mobile, so she could listen to them over and over.  ​ Since the stories were written by ourselves we also took the chance of storytelling to the next level by educating our little one how to react in daily situations in order to understand what is important in life and what makes one happy. ​ Then, life had it that combined family talents made our books possible. We hope you enjoy reading our books to your precious ones and that the stories make animals become alive in your life again. ​ We wish you much joy with our books!
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