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George & Lucas
An odd couple... but the best of friends
HULL, Großbritannien
Über mich/uns
George and Lucas are a bit of an odd couple... George is beautiful and he knows it, and Lucas... well, he's just a bit loopy... but they're the best of friends. George & Lucas were adopted in February 2016 from Cats Protection in Beverley, East Yorkshire, after we very sadly lost our previous cat, Billy. We were drawn to them because they just looked like such a little odd couple; George is a beautiful, sleek, grey cat, while Lucas... isn't. But while Lucas is no silver fox, he's cheeky, cute, naughty and inquisitive. We didn't want to split them up, especially when the lady looking after them said someone had inquired about George because he would 'go with' her other grey cat, as though cats are like matching handbags! They had been together practically all of their lives so it would have been awful to separate them. They are now settled with us in our home in East Yorkshire, chasing around the place like Tasmanian devils and loving cuddles with us and each other. I hope you enjoy looking at the George & Lucas merchandise - and if you are considering getting a cat, please do consider a rescue cat. There are far too many unwanted animals who need loving homes, just like George & Lucas did. Oh, and we called them George & Lucas because my other half is a bit of a Star Wars fan...
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