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Design Girls
Live, Love & Invite
Über mich/uns
We (Nikki & Sara) met when we were 10 years old, have remained best friends through high school, college, and now, both married with 2 kids each, living 3000 miles apart, are closer than ever! Both of us began designing professionally in 2009 and have always been drawn to designing event invitations and decor. Starting “Design Girls : Live, Love & Invite” is truly a dream come true for both of us! We love creating designs for all of your special events and making it easy for you to print and put together every coordinating detail! Each of us has experienced the events we design for with our families and friends, so we know that making things affordable, easy, and super cute are top priorities when planning the perfect event! We hope you find exactly what you’re looking for in our shop and our designs can make your event even more special!
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