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We started this store because we love the Holidays! That's when everyone wants to make things or to buy things special for their friends and Family. After all your loved ones are what makes the Holidays special.Why not make their Holidays special by adding their name or buying something that they love to collect like cows,pigs,sports things etc!This will show them that you didn't just pick up any old thing and wrap it.You had them in mind when you purchased that special gift.
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Coolfract`s by Legurk & DiDaBu hat vor 14.12.2010 einen Kommentar bezüglich "DoodlesHolidayGifts" hinterlassen
"you are in my FC :-)"
thank`s for joining my fanclub. i`m happy. wish you and your`s a merry christmas and a successful new jear 2011. from germany Legurk
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Grazyna - Shop hat vor 02.12.2010 einen Kommentar bezüglich "DoodlesHolidayGifts" hinterlassen
"Thank you"
Thank you for joining my fan club. I appreciate it. Best wishes.
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Hartmut Witte hat vor 27.11.2010 einen Kommentar bezüglich "DoodlesHolidayGifts" hinterlassen
"Thank you!"
Thank you for joining my Fanclub. Nice Stuff!
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