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Sense of Humor Required
Home of The Most Handsome Cat in the World
Über mich/uns
My store was born from necessity. My creations were inspired by life in general and my "mews". It all started when I was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. I couldn't find a cool anti-cancer shirt (other than white or pink) to wear to chemo, so I sat in bed with my laptop and faithful assistance animal (the talking cat) who helped me make one. The rest is history. As a bonus, Zazzle allowed me to share him - Ninja, the most handsome cat in the world - with his fans by featuring him on several items. Why did I name it "Sense of Humor Required"? That's one of the things you need to fight cancer, of course! Want to help me earn more (without costing you anything extra)? Use the link below to view my store and place any orders. Wishing you health & happiness (& purrs)...thanks for stopping by! COPY & PASTE THIS LINK (exactly as is - including asterisk/star): http://www.zazzle.com/dodgerlorri* Thank you.
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