Shoppe jetzt einzigartige und persönliche Valentinstagskarten für den romantischten Tag des Jahres. (Achte auch auf unsere Versandzeiten)
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tweeked photography and digitally created designs
London, Surrey
Über mich/uns
I started this store whilst I was 'playing' with my design program and its various tools. I either use my own photos to create fun and colourful designs or make designs from scratch. Not all designs are suitable for all products so I am pretty selective in the choice of what goes where. I love fractals, so I will occasionally base a design on a fractal. I am also starting to use my fairly newly acquired graphic pen to create text or picture frame for example.
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Swiss gifts
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Thank you for the nice words about our shop and motives and the desires I just got on a return visit…… beautiful works and shop We wish you many nice visitors and wish you continued success
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