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Chapel Galleries Shop™
Contemporary Art with a Classical Edge
Peoria, IL, USA
Über mich/uns
I started the Chapel Galleries Shop™ in part as a way to bring my work into the homes of many friends, and in part as a way to do charitable work resulting from sales of my work as a fine artist. I began years ago with an exhibition that toured the United States and Europe for 7 years. As a result of that tour, I was able to raise $1.25 million in humanitarian relief for Russian orphans and families. Now, with the amazing technology available to artists, my work can be found not only on archival quality canvas reproductions, but also really fun items for the home. I love watching people stand in amazement in front of some of my largest works which can be over 7 feet tall. My work is so detailed, most paintings take quite a bit of time to complete. One thing you'll notice in almost all of the paintings is that they are usually filled with animals, which I love, and also love to paint; even down to the highlights on their whiskers. It makes me feel as though I'm petting them, and I hope my collectors feel the same way about them. So have fun looking at these contemporary images of some stories you may remember from the Bible. My hope is to make my shop fun with fresh and innovative images for my collectors to enjoy. Thanks for looking! Rosemarie Oehler Adcock
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