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Simple designs for simple people
London, England, Großbritannien
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Once upon a time there was a Facebook forum, and a young chap by the na.... Look, if you got here via CACC then you know the whole back story. For those that don't know, we're the 2nd (citation needed) most popular group on Facebook for adult volunteers who assist with military themed youth groups. This year we're making getting mugs easier than ever. No longer do you have to think of a witty comment, post a funny meme or generally catch the eye of a generous mod. Instead you can buy one. It's quicker and more convenient for all involved, and best of all you don't have to wonder when Blatant can get to the post office. Best of all, the royalties from each sale will be donated to a charity chosen by the strange and wonderful people of CACC. Do you have an idea for more merchandise? Want to add your designs to the group? Mention it in the forum and we'll wake up the art department monkeys and you may see your design up in the store. Please note, we're not endorsed or approved by the various youth groups we assist with, but we are under constant scrutiny so designs will be vetted with that in mind. If they're willing to start a witch hunt over chains then who knows what they'll do about an offensive mug...
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