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Fractal Art by Vicky
"Let's all play." -- Benoît B. Mandelbrot
Los Angeles, California, USA
Über mich/uns
Besides playing with fractals, I work on music with my husband, composer John Mitchell, and maintain our website, www.abm-enterprises.net (the abm stands for Adolf, Benjamin and Matthew, three of our cats). Free 800 x 600 pixel versions of my fractals for desktop wallpaper are at www.abm-enterprises.net/wallpaper.html. My approach to fractals is related to an interest in photography--I've done a lot of it, some professionally. With fractals as with photos, I choose what to look at, study the light and shadows, manipulate the colors--but the material has its own structure. It's divine geometry. I was born in the US, Washington State, but have traveled and lived in other countries. Educated at Stanford and UCLA (Romance languages and linguistics).
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Vicky Brago-Mitchell
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