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Bill M. Tracer Studio
Fractal Abstract Art, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Paranormal Art
Cordova, TN, USA
Über mich/uns
Bill M. Tracer is a freelance computer graphic artist, and science fiction / fantasy / paranormal writer, living in Cordova, TN, USA. He works with a variety of digital computer graphic software on a PC, ranging from 3D illustration, to cosmic and spiritual abstraction, to fractal geometric generation. Bill M. Tracer Studio is one of your definitive sources for excellent art products. Having been presented in shows in several states, Bill M. Tracer's work has acquired a number of awards, over the years. Bill specializes in the realms of Fractals, Abstract, Spiritual/Esoteric, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Paranormal, and Outer Space imagery. Bill M. Tracer Studio opened this Zazzle store with a large line of Skateboard Decks, using unique fractal abstract art designs, and several color variants. Bill M. Tracer Studio was proud to expand the store's product line to include poster designs, initially in 2010. In the years since, we have continued to expand our art product lines, and now have multiple departments of products adorned with the art of Bill M. Tracer Studio. Bill M. Tracer is always available for commission work, at very reasonable rates. If you like what you see available at Bill M. Tracer Studio Zazzle store, but you're looking for something more customized to your specific needs, feel free to send an email to: billmtracer@gmail.com
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Fractal and Abstract  Art Prints
Wrapped Canvas
Art-T Shirts
Slogan Shirts
Skateboard Decks
Science Fiction Fantasy Art
UFO and Extraterrestrial Related Art
Fleece and Throw Blankets
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Christine aka stine1 hat vor 02.12.2012 einen Kommentar bezüglich "BillMTracer" hinterlassen
I really like your art :-) http://trifter.com/usa-canada/california/zazzle-shop-showcase-bill-m-tracer-studio/
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