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Aaron Rutten Art
Seattle, WA
Über mich/uns
AARON RUTTEN is a Seattle artist who stimulates the eyes, with a talent for creating marvelous visual expressions. Aaron specializes in hand-illustrated digital art, using a digital pen and tablet. Software allows him to create a painting, using the computer screen as his canvas. The software simulates traditional mediums like chalk, oil, and watercolor. It gives Aaron the freedom to mix mediums, and create elaborate compositions in his own unique style. Because the digital medium is so new, Aaron is encouraged to pioneer his own techniques. He challenges himself to use a digital medium to produce illustrations which resemble traditional paintings. As a successful Graphic Designer, Aaron serves the illustration needs of large corporate Clients, as well as small local businesses. The Internet has enabled Aaron to partner with many image distribution websites, which distribute his work Internationally for commercial sale. His artwork has been viewed by Hundreds of Thousands of people, across the globe. Aaron's art portfolio can be viewed on his website at www.SurrealPixelStudio.com You can follow his updates on Twitter @ AaronRutten
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Aaron Rutten